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About Us

Welcome to Mini Fidget! My goal is to make fidget toys (also sometimes known as autism toys or hand toys) such as the fidget cube and fidget spinner affordable and widely accessible to everyone who wants to own one, delivered directly to your door with completely free shipping.

Fidget toys can help children and adults of all ages to concentrate more effectively and for longer, and they can also make for an invaluable stop smoking aid for adults seeking to wean themselves off nicotine! Having a fidget toy to hand can help the user to keep their calm in potentially stressful situations such as public speaking, and they are also effective therapy aids to help to correct nervous tics and twitches, as well as of course being an entertaining toy.

I am a young entrepreneur and innovator as well as of course an advocate for fidget toys and their benefits for children and adults of all ages, and I truly believe that they should be available to and affordable for everyone who wants one. Having spotted a gap in the market for affordable fidget toys that anyone could buy without having to pay a premium price for one item or having to buy in bulk, I have made it my mission to make the world’s two most popular fidget toys-the fidget cube and the fidget spinner-available online to buyers from all over the world.

Fidget toys might seem like simple toys or novelties that don’t really do anything-and in and of themselves, they are of course simply inanimate objects. But the real value of fidget toys comes in their ability to provide a valuable outlet for the need to fidget that everyone faces in certain situations, such as when sitting in a lecture, classroom or meeting, speaking to an audience or simply trying to avoid prevarication whilst concentrating!

If you are trying to stop smoking, manage stress or anxiety or find it hard to concentrate within certain situations, try a fidget cube or fidget spinner (or one of each) and you will almost certainly be surprised at how much they can help!

Check out the fidget cube and the fidget spinner in more detail on the next page to find out more and decide which fidget toy is right for you-or, take advantage of my limited time massive 50% discount on all fidget toys,plus with our limited time free gift on each orders promotion, you will be able to try both fidget toys for the price of one.