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  • Fidget Cube
    The Ultimate Stress
    Relieving Cube
    The fidget cube is perhaps what most people think of when they
    think of fidget toys or autism toys, and this is by far the most popular
    fidget toy in the world, and is not available to buy in the shops.
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  • Fidget Spinner
    The Ultimate Stress
    Relieving Spinner
    The fidget Spinner is perhaps what most people think of when they
    think of fidget toys or autism toys, and this is by far the most popular
    fidget toy in the world, and is not available to buy in the shops.
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Mini Fidget

We are your one-stop shop for the most competitively priced fidget toys on the market, including the hugely popular fidget spinner and fidget cube. If you are looking for a stress toy, autism toy or fidget clicker for both adults and children, you have come to the right place.

Everyone fidgets, just like everyone breathes; it is simply a fact of life and we do not always even know when we are doing it. Whether you doodle whilst on the phone, don’t know what to do with your hands when talking to someone face-to-face or find yourself reaching for a pen or cigarette substitute any time your hands are not occupied, fidgeting is totally normal.

However, fidgeting is also something that can be anannoyance to both the person doing it and the people around them; how many times have we all heard a parent telling their child to put their arms by their sides and stop fidgeting! Within the workplace particularly, fidgeting is often considered to demonstrate a poor attention span and that one is not listening, and this is of course widely true within schools teaching children of all ages too.

The Solution

A fidget spinner or fidget cube can be held unobtrusively within the palm of the hand to provide an outlet for the natural urge to fidget, offering a wide range of tactile responses and feedback streams provided by simply manipulating a small device such as the fidget cube or fidget spinner.

Accepting and enabling the urge to fidget that every person has rather than trying to curb it has actually been proven to boost concentration, attention span, short and long-term recall, and critical thinking skills, in both adults and children alike.

Originally designed for children on the autistic spectrum in order to help them to concentrate in school, the wider value of fidget toys for people of all ages is something that schools, workplaces and individuals are only now beginning to appreciate.Today, fidget toys are widely encouraged in progressive schools and workplaces to help children to maintain their concentration in class and avoid disruptions, but fidget toys are equally appealing and useful for adults too!

It is now not at all uncommon to see fidget toys strategically placed on office boardroom tables and in conference rooms for the convenience of the delegates in question, in order to maximise engagement and retention in meetings and lectures.

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Your fidget toy

Fidget Cube or Fidget Spinner?

These are by far the most popular and effective forms of fidget toys for both adults and children, providing a sturdy yet lightweight, discreet, and popular outlet for the natural urge to fidget!

The fidget cube and fidget spinner are not available in stores and traditionally, could only be purchased online in bulk or for a premium per-unit price. We are delighted to be able to offer both the fidget spinner and the fidget cube to everyone, and for a very competitive price with a massive 50% discount on all fidget toys, plus with our limited time free gift on each orders promotion, you will be able to try both fidget toys for the price of one.

Plus, we also offer free shipping to every country in the world, and your fidget cube or fidget spinner will be mailed promptly and arrive within two to four weeks due to the extremely high demand for fidget toys today.

If you are not sure which fidget toy is right for you, check out our item descriptions page for full details of both the fidget cube and the fidget spinner, and how they work.